Resolution från 4th International Forum for Young Politicians of North-West Russia and the Nordic Countries

I slutet av förra veckan hade vi det fjärde forumet för unga politiker från Nordvästra Ryssland och Norden i Stockholm. Tidigare har vi varit i Murmansk, Kirkenes och Arkhangelsk. Egentligen är jag för gammal numera, men eftersom jag har varit med vid de tidigare tillfällena så fick jag vara med och anordna forumet när det skulle vara i Stockholm den här gången.

Under och efter forumet så var det en diskussion (bland personer som inte var med på forumet) kring varför vi hade möte med ryska politiker från bland annat St. Petersburg och Arkhangelsk om bland annat HBTQ-rättigheter. Politiker från Enade Ryssland (Putins parti) som själva har varit med och antagit klart diskriminerande lagar mot “HBT-propaganda”. Jag menar tvärtom att det är extra viktigt att diskutera med politiker som man inte tycker likadant som.

Jag var inte med och antog resolutionen, men så här blev den:

We, the participants of the 4th International Forum for Young Politicians of Northwest Russia and the Nordic Countries*, met in Stockholm, Sweden, 18–20 April 2012, in order to discuss issues of open societies and new developments, student exchanges and healthy life-styles in Northwest Russia and the Nordic Countries,

Referring to the resolutions of the First, Second and Third International Forums for young politicians of the Northwest Russia and Nordic countries, which were held in Murmansk (Russian Federation) 27 March, 2009, in Kirkenes (Norway) 23 March, 2010 and in Arkhangelsk 22–23 March 2011, we are:

Acknowledging and respecting international standards in the sphere of youth politics;

Being aware of the fundamental principles and mutual interests in the sphere of building-up principally new youth generation;

And we appeal to the representatives of Russia and Nordic countries to draw the attention to the resolution of problems of the international youth cooperation;

Regarding open societies and new developments we:

Recognize that the principle of equality and non-discrimination apply to all people at all times, as expressed in the European Convention on Human rights, article 14. No-one shall be discriminated against on any ground by any public authority;

Recognize indigenous societies and national minority societies’ rights to maintaining their culture, language, and community, independent of States’ politics, urging the states to do the same;

Recognize our responsibility to protect our citizens’ fundamental human rights in our home countries;

Acknowledge, in that respect, that the principle of equality and non-discrimination, be it on grounds of race, ethnicity, religious belief, gender or sexual orientation, is a fundamental element in the protection of human rights;

Underline that freedom of opinion and freedom of expression is not only a fundamental human right according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, article 19; it is also essential in enabling democracy to work and to promote public participation in decision-making;

Recalling Recommendation No. R (2000)7 of the Committee of Ministers’ of the Council of Europe on the right of journalists not to disclose their sources of information, the Forum reaffirms that the protection of journalists’ sources of information is a basic condition for both the full exercise of journalistic work and the right of the public to be informed on matters of public concern, as expressed by the European Court of Human Rights in its case law under Article 10 of the Convention.

* Young representatives of Regions of Arkhangelsk, Leningrad, Murmansk, Saint Petersburg, and Karelian Republic, Nenets Autonomous District, representatives of National Assembly of Young Elected Representatives in Russia, representatives of Parliaments of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, representatives of County of Troms (Norway), Sami Parliaments in Finland, Norway and Sweden, the Nordic Council, the Nordic Youth Council, Youth Organizations in Finland and Sweden.

Regarding student exchanges we:

Urge that education should not be dependent on states and borders. Equal rights to education ought to be a reality in Russia and all Nordic countries, independent of state borders;

Recommend an increase in the possibilities of granting visas to students, teachers and researchers for an effective exchange of ideas and knowledge;

Encourage student exchanges agreements between Nordic countries and Russia, through exchange programmes, bilateral agreements and various exchange networks;

Recommend that the synergies between the different education, research and cultural programmes in the region be actively encouraged; recommends to this end the development of distance learning programmes that open the door to closer cooperation;

Take the view that there is an existing need of additional financial resources in order to establish exchange programmes for students; of the providing of mechanisms to assure the quality and comparability of higher education; and also the supporting of cooperation between institutions of higher education;

Underline the need to address the issue of youth unemployment.

Regarding healthy life-styles we:

Underline the responsibility for all institutions of education at all levels to include physical training in the education and to mediate the importance of a healthy lifestyle to their students;

Emphasize the importance of raising drug awareness, supporting drug awareness and prevention programs/initiatives in our respective countries, promoting the benefits of healthy lifestyle choices and making resources available, and realize that, while alcohol misuse can present health risks and cause careless behavior in all age groups, it is even more dangerous for young people;

Encourage parliamentarians to make use of existing partnerships such as The Northern Dimension Partnership in Public Health and Social Well-being to achieve improvement regarding the health situation, specifically regarding the use of alcohol and other drugs, by working closely with governments, civil society, local communities, multilateral organizations, global funds and foundations, the media, and the private sector.

In addition we:

Encourage National Parliaments to appoint young politicians from respective regions to relevant parliamentary conferences;

Appeal to the parliamentarians to transfer this resolution to the “round table” session between Nordic and Russian parliamentarians, to be held in Helsinki, Finland, 15–16 May 2012;

Welcome the kind invitation of the Parliament of the Karelian Republic to host the 5th International Forum for Young Politicians of Northwest Russia and the Nordic Countries.

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